Over 50 years old

The property 25 minutes from the station is flooded with applicants.

★Surprising yield over 20% We sell property tour videos★

Are you all satisfied?

Are you satisfied with the photos of Before After and the slide commentary at the real estate seminar? ??




"I want to see the real thing and be convinced !!"

"I want to see with my own eyes whether such a tattered property will really be fixed!"




Do you feel like that? ??


No matter how much I read real estate books or how many seminars I was told, I couldn't feel relieved.




So, this time, I will actually play the video and sell the video of the real tour of the property that I made a resident!



By comparing the disastrous Before photos and videos with the current situation, I am confident that it will make a big difference in the sense of security for old real estate!

Originally quite a Tsuwamono property・・・!

Originally a considerable Tsuwamono property.


The entire surface is covered with ivy and the building cannot be seen.

The pillars and floor are ragged with termites.

There is no roof, and the ceiling and tatami mats are rotten.

The collapsed toilet.

The floor tilts and the windows do not close.

A large amount of leftovers are left unattended.

There is a large cage in the garden, and animal bones are rolling.

More than 25 minutes walk from the station.


It was a very diverse property.

First preview video

※If you have a weak heart,

be careful・・・

Only elements that should not be purchased・・・


It is no exaggeration to say that it meets almost all the factors that should not be purchased.


 However, if you open the lid,


Yield over 20%, overloan, move-in decision during remodeling and smooth sailing itself.


 (Inquiries continued even after the decision to move in, and I had to apologize, "I'm sorry, I've already moved in.")


 This time as well, although I was able to move out, even though I hadn't moved out yet, I hadn't even looked inside, but the tenants were decided.


(A single mother said, "I think it will be decided as soon as I can see it, so please apply immediately!")


 I hope you can understand how dangerous the concept of "property to buy" and "property not to buy" is said in the world.

Numerical information

  • Property price 1.11 million yen + total renovation 2.05 million yen = 3.16 million yen
  • Rent 55,000 yen (planned to increase to 58,000 yen)
  • Yield 20.8% (planned to increase to 22%)
  • No cash out

Looking at the numerical information, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a super treasure property. But it's a property that hasn't been bought by anyone for over a year ...


"How do you regenerate such a property?"

"Do you really want to regenerate such a desolate property?"


In order to answer such a question, I introduced every corner [while actually looking at the property] (^^)


There are many seminars with photos and texts, but there are not many opportunities to watch videos of property tours that are actually producing yields.


We would like to provide you with an opportunity to take a new step by answering questions, doubts and concerns regarding investment in old properties.


If you are interested, please purchase it (^^)

Sample video

Subtitles are created by an automatic translator.

■Tour video

We will sell a video of the property tour that was held the other day.

We will send the URL where you can watch the video by e-mail to those who purchased it.


【Video time】





・ Solutions related to removal of leftovers and logging and a sense of cost


・ Remodeling of roof and ceiling


・ Remodeling around water


・ Remodeling related to room interior


・ Explanation about financing


・ Recruitment method for residents


 ・ How to use fire insurance


・ Other questions and answers


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